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Oscar Car Rental Ishøj Broenge 7
2635 Ishøj

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Inside width
2,1 m
Inside height
2,25 m
Inside length
4,18 m
Inside size
19,75 m³

Air conditioning, Bluetooth

Fiat Ducato

from DKK749.00 per day
Moving truck w/lift
3 Doors
3 Seats
14,9 km/l
Without tow bar
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Inside width
2,1 m
Inside height
2,1 m
Inside length
4,2 m
Inside size
18,52 m³

Air conditioning, Cruise control

Iveco Daily

from DKK749.00 per day
Moving truck w/lift
2 Doors
3 Seats
7,7 km/l
Without tow bar
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Rent a car in Ishøj

Welcome to Ishøj - a cosmopolitan city filled with life, culture, and delightful nature. Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, you need a reliable mode of transportation. And that's where Oscar Car Rental in Ishøj comes into play. Since December 2022, we have enhanced travel in Ishøj by offering top-quality cars at affordable rates.

Having access to a car is essential when you stay in Ishøj. It opens up a world of opportunities, making journeys easier and more efficient. With a rental car from Oscar Car Rental in Ishøj, you are not limited by public transport or expensive taxis. You can drive when and where it suits you, maximizing your time in the city. It’s real freedom on four wheels!

Locally operated for optimal service

Oscar Car Rental is operated by local, independent car dealers. Through this business model, we gain some great benefits. Local expertise, for instance, ensures we can give you personalized service and the right recommendations. Our local partners care a great deal about their local reputation, meaning you can expect high standards from our service. The partner who runs Oscar Car Rental in Ishøj is RST Cars, offering a fleet of more than 10 vehicles, ranging from normal passenger cars of various sizes, to vans and minibuses.

Rent a van in Ishøj

Need to move or just transport a larger object? Look no further, because at Oscar Car Rental in Ishøj, we offer vans of different sizes to meet your specific needs.

Rent a minibus in Ishøj

Ishøj is a fantastic city to explore with friends or family. What could be better than traveling together in a minibus? At Oscar Car Rental in Ishøj, we provide minibuses, perfect for group trips!

Rent a moving truck in Ishøj

When you face a move, it's key to have the right equipment. At Oscar Car Rental in Ishøj, we provide moving trucks, perfect for the job. With our help, moving becomes more efficient and less stressful.

No matter your driving needs in Ishøj, we are here to assist. With our wide selection of vehicles and dedicated local knowledge, you are in the best possible hands at Oscar Car Rental in Ishøj. We look forward to serving you!

Oscar Car Rental’s Flexible Offers in Ishøj

Long-term rentals: Freedom and flexibility

At Oscar Car Rental, we offer Long-term rentals from +28 days, where you choose the pickup and return dates. This includes 40 km per day and is a slightly more expensive but more flexible solution than our Car Subscription. That said, both options are readily available for the vehicle, thanks to our flexibility with long-term rentals. The advantage is that you can plan your car use according to your specific needs, giving you more control and less stress about daily mileage or time limits. Plus, there is no down payment involved!

Car Subscription in Ishøj

If you're seeking a more stable and predictable solution, then our car subscription might be your ideal choice. With our subscription plans, you're committed for a fixed period of 3, 6, or 12 months. You simply select a pickup date and a commitment period. This includes 1500 km per month and up to 3 additional drivers with international insurance included in the price. The longer your commitment, the cheaper is the price per month. Plus, there's no down payment. This offers a convenient and affordable solution that suits most people's long-term car needs.

Top Attractions and Sightseeing with a rental car in Ishøj

Are you looking for car rental to explore the beautiful Ishøj? At Oscar Car Rental, we want to help make your trip as comfortable as possible. Here are some of the most popular places you can easily reach with your rented car.

1. ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

This famous museum showcases modern and contemporary art. You can easily get there with your rented car, the parking lot is very spacious. With a range of fascinating exhibits and exciting artworks, ARKEN is a must-visit place for art lovers.

2. Ishøj Beach Park

Located on the coast of Køge Bay, Ishøj Beach Park is a fantastic place to enjoy a sunny day. With your rental car, it's easy to reach the park's many beautiful spots - whether you want to swim, hike, or just enjoy the sun.

3. Kroppedal Museum

Kroppedal Museum is the largest archaeological and astronomical museum in Denmark. Your rented car makes it easy to explore this fascinating museum and its surroundings.

4. The Blue Planet - National Aquarium Denmark

Less than half an hour's drive from Ishøj you will find The Blue Planet, Denmark's National Aquarium. An incredible underwater world awaits you, and it is easy to reach with a rental car from Oscar Car Rental.

5. Vallensbæk Marsh

Vallensbæk Marsh is perfect if you're looking for a green, peaceful place to relax or take a walk. The marsh's nature and wildlife are impressive, and you can easily drive there with your rental car.

With Oscar Car Rental, you can easily explore Ishøj and the surrounding attractions by renting a car that suits your needs. Safe and reliable transportation awaits you!

Do you have any questions about our car rental in Ishøj?

In that case, read on. We have created a list of frequently asked questions from our customers about our car rental in Ishøj:

What does a rental car cost in Ishøj?

Our prices vary according to the collaborating branch where you book. You can book from DKK349 per day with Oscar Ishøj, including third party insurance and 100km per day.

I am under 25 years old, do I have to pay any extra fee for being younger?

Don't worry about the price because we will not charge any additional fees for being under 25 years old. Discover our vehicles in Ishøj, you might find that some of the vehicles may be age restricted. Please note that the branch may also ask for a higher deposit, which will be refunded at the end of the reservation, if no damages have occured during the rental period.

Am I authorized to drive a van or moving truck?

Yes, you are authorized to drive a van or moving truck as long as you have a type B driving license. You are more than welcome to have a look at our website to see what vehicles we have available for rent in Ishøj.

What discount can be applied to my rental with Oscar?

By booking through our Oscar mobile app, you can access our membership program and get a 10% daily discount on bookings that are not long term. Use the app and search for Ishøj to get a discount on your reservation.