Long-term car rental

Do you want more freedom to do what you want when you want? Do you want to be free of fixed departure times and delays in public transport? Or are you looking for an alternative to buying or leasing a car?

At Oscar Car Rental, we offer long term car rental, also known as a mini-lease or monthly car rental, and we call it an Oscar Car Subscription. Long term car rental or mini-lease is a flexible substitute for private leasing and buying a new car, the prices of our Oscar Long-term rentals starts with a car rental for a month or more.

We have a wide selection of cars, and you can choose which car model you want to rent. You can book the car here on the website, but if you prefer that we reserve the vehicle for you, we are, of course, ready to assist you. So get a good ride and experience the flexibility of having a car on a long-term lease!

How do I book a car with long-term rental?

By using the search bar on our front page and entering a time period of more than 28 days, you will see long-term rental prices on the search results page.

Alternatively, you can contact our customer service by phone, email or chat for help with long-term car rental.

Get in touch to get a quote

If you are looking for a car to rent for a longer period of time, then you are more than welcome to reach out to our customer service. We will do anything we can to find the right car for you.

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How an Oscar Car Subscription works

When you rent from us, you decide for yourself how long you want to rent the car. You rent the car for a fixed monthly payment, and there is no extra first-time payment.

The first month you pay when creating the booking, the payment takes place on a monthly prepayment at monthly intervals - precisely as you know it from your mobile subscription. Suppose you wish to extend your rental period. In that case, you must contact Oscar's customer service before the contract automatically expires - then we will extend your booking. There is no lock-in period, but if you wish to terminate the agreement ahead of time, you must do this with one month's notice.

Rent a car for a month and experience all the benefits of a Car Subscription!

Rent rental cars from just DKK 99 per day for a cheap monthly car rentals

With a cheap monthly car rental and rental cars from DKK 99 per day, you do not have to worry too much about your budget. Cheap car rental is our trademark, and we also offer cheap vans, minibusses, and moving cars for longer periods. This solution is made for those who need a one month car rental or more.

With our mini lease, there are always 40 kilometers included in the price per day. If this is not enough, you can add extra kilometers when booking a car rental monthly.

Our selection

At Oscar, we have a wide range of cars. It includes vans, moving cars, minibusses, car transporters, trailers, motorhomes, and of course, passenger cars.

We also have many different car types. So whether you are looking for small city cars, a station wagon or SUV, or whether it should be with manual or automatic transmission - we have something for your 1 month car rental.

Once you have found the car you want, you can book it directly on our website with very few clicks. Of course, no matter what your choice of car, all the Oscar benefits are always included. When you book on the website, you do not pay the total price at once but only for the first month, and you will then be charged automatically at 30-day intervals.

Benefits of a Car Subscription

With long term rental cars, we release you from all the obligations of traditional private leasing. Unlike leasing, with a car subscription, you can rent a car for a month, and at the same time, you can start and terminate the rent at very short notice. This makes mini lease a much more flexible way to have a car.

On top of that, you also get roadside assistance, comprehensive, and liability insurance included in the price. In other words, you only have to provide fuel yourself. In addition, the monthly payment is a fixed and transparent amount, as opposed to fluctuating and opaque prices when renting a leasing car.


With local rental offices across the country, we always have a location near you, making it easy to get to and from the rental site. We also have locations at several Danish airports, which makes us perfect for long-term business trips.

We always have a department close to you that can help you out on the road no matter what. Pick-up and return must, in principle, always take place at the same address unless otherwise agreed.

Business rentals

As a company, you can also rent a car monthly. In this way, you do not have to acquire new assets, which you can only use for a short period. This applies whether it is a van, moving car, trailer, or something completely different.

The rent still includes all services you know from a Car Subscription, including VAT, service, insurance, kilometers, etc. If that sounds interesting, then use the booking form and get a great deal.


Our customer service is always ready to help when you need it. You can catch us on the phone at +45 42909048, chat on the website, or by email at [email protected]. We always strive to take an extra step for you so that we can fill your specific needs. Before contacting us, you can read what other customers are asking about below.

Frequently asked questions about long term car rental

We often get the following questions in our customer service. We hope we can help you further based on our answer:

What does it cost to rent a car for a month?

When renting a car for a month, you can get prices from just DKK 99 a day. This corresponds to DKK 2,970 a month (30 days). The price also includes 40 kilometers per day or 1200 km for 30 days. If that is not enough, you can always buy extra miles at a low price. In addition, be aware that there may be a deposit. You will, of course, be refunded when the car is in the same condition at the end of the rental.

Can you rent a car for a month?

Yes, you can easily rent a car long term. We call it an Oscar Car Subscription. You can create a Car Subscription if you rent for 28 days or more. In addition, you can start the same day that you need to use the car. We consider this a cheap and flexible solution to an unforeseen need that has suddenly arisen.

What is included in the price when I rent a car on a car subscription?

Month long car rental at Oscar always includes roadside assistance, road tax, VAT, liability and comprehensive insurance, and kilometers. The only thing you need to take care of is fuel. We point out that for private customers, there will be a deductible of DKK 5,000. Business customers have a deductible of DKK 15,000. You can reduce your deductible by purchasing deductible insurance.

Need help?

If you need help, our customer service is ready to assist you. Whether if it is questions about the contract, creating a booking, or something completely different. Our customer service can be contacted by phone at +45 42909048, chat on the website or email at [email protected].

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