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Oscar Car Rental Ørsted Rougsøvej 98
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Air conditioning, Heated seats, Isofix, USB, Winter tires

Chevrolet Spark

from DKK269.00 per day
5 Doors
4 Seats
20 km/l
Without tow bar
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Air conditioning, Bluetooth, Isofix, USB

Suzuki Celerio

from DKK269.00 per day
5 Doors
5 Seats
27,8 km/l
Without tow bar
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Isofix, USB

Citroën C1

from DKK269.00 per day
5 Doors
4 Seats
22,2 km/l
Without tow bar
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Tow bar max. load
1300 kg

Air conditioning, Cruise control, Heated seats, Isofix, USB, GPS

Renault Grand Scenic

from DKK449.00 per day
Big car
5 Doors
7 Seats
22,7 km/l
With tow bar
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Rent a Car in Ørsted

Welcome to Ørsted, a cozy little town in the heart of Denmark, known for its beauty and charm. Ørsted is an ideal starting point for exploring the various attractions in and around East Jutland. To make your journey to Ørsted easier and more convenient, Oscar Car Rental has now opened a new branch right here in town. At Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted, you can rent your perfect car that fits your needs and budget.

Local Expertise and Personal Service

Oscar Car Rental is operated by local and independent car dealers who curate our fleet according to local preferences and needs. In Ørsted, Norddjurs Bilcenter manages our service. The benefits of this business model are many: you get the personal and heartfelt contact that only a local business can provide, and you can be sure that we go the extra mile to maintain our local reputation.

With our local expertise, we can customize and update our selection in real time, according to seasonal demand and local trends. This means you can always find the perfect car for your trip, whether you're planning a drive through the hilly landscape, a city trip to Aalborg, or just a relaxing day in Ørsted.

Oscar Car Rental Ørsted's Fleet of Cars

When you visit Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted, you'll find a compact yet varied selection of vehicles. Whether you're looking for a compact city car or a spacious station wagon, we have what you need. Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted also offers various sizes of vans, moving trucks, and minibuses - perfect for both private and business needs.

Rent a Van at Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted

If you're moving, renovating, or need extra space to transport larger items, a van might be the solution. At Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted, we have both small and large vans, so you can easily find a van that suits your needs.

Rent a Minibus in Ørsted

Are you a large family, a sports club on tour, or just a group of friends wanting to travel together? At Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted, you can rent minibuses and make room for everyone. Our minibuses can accommodate up to 9 people including plenty of luggage.

Rent a Moving Truck with a Lift in Ørsted

If you're moving and need to transport your furniture and belongings, a moving truck can be your best friend. At Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted, we have a varied selection of moving trucks at affordable prices. With our moving trucks, you can easily and quickly move all your items, big or small.

We look forward to helping you find the right rental car, van, moving truck, or minibus at Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted. We are here to make your journey easier, more convenient, and even more enjoyable. Do not hesitate to contact us or visit our branch in Ørsted for more information and guidance.

Flexible Car Rental Options at Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted

Long-term Car Rental with Flexibility and Freedom

In our efforts to deliver user-centered service while meeting your car solution needs, we also offer long-term car rental at Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted. Perfect for those who need to rent a car for an extended period, from 28 days and up. The real joy of long-term car rental lies in its flexibility. With this offer, you simply choose the date you want to pick up and drop off the car. The offer includes 40 km of driving per day and provides a more affordable and flexible solution. No down payment is required for this offer, making it easy to plan and manage your budget.

Car Subscription: Convenience and Value Combined

If you want a more long-term car solution, we also offer car subscription at Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted. Our car subscription is based on fixed commitment periods of 3, 6, or 12 months. Here, you simply choose a pick-up date and a commitment period. It is an easy and worry-free way to handle your car needs without having to think about ownership and maintenance. With 1500 km included per month, and up to 3 additional drivers as well as international insurance included in the price, you get great value for your money. Additionally, there is no down payment involved, making it even easier for you to switch to our car subscription.

Explore Ørsted and Surroundings with a Rental Car from Oscar Car Rental

Ørsted is an ideal starting point for road trips in the beautiful area. With a rental car from Oscar Car Rental, you can easily reach some interesting sights and tourist attractions in and around Ørsted. Here are some recommendations:

Gammel Estrup Manor and Museum

Take a step back in time and visit a rich heritage of Danish history at Gammel Estrup Manor and Museum. The presentations about life are made in an easily digestible and interesting way, making it both educational and entertaining for the whole family. It's just a short drive from Ørsted.

Djursland for Fuld Damp

Head towards Djursland for Fuld Damp and experience the unique charm of vintage trains. You can relax and enjoy the scenic surroundings while traveling along the historic railway tracks. It's a fantastic opportunity to discover something unique within a short distance of Ørsted.

Scandinavian Wildlife Park

At Scandinavian Wildlife Park, you can get close to some of the most impressive animals in Nordic nature. Here you can learn about and experience everything from brown bears to birds of prey in their natural habitat. This is an incredible experience for both children and adults and is just a short drive from Ørsted.

Stenvad Peat Cutting Center

Discover the history of how the bog was exploited in the old days at Stenvad Peat Cutting Center. Here you can learn about how peat was cut and used, and you can even try it yourself. This interesting and interactive museum is easily accessible by car from Ørsted.

With a rental car from Oscar Car Rental, these experiences and much more are within reach. Plan your trip today and start exploring the beautiful Ørsted and its surroundings.

Efficient and Flexible Business Car Rental in Ørsted

Are you looking for a reliable solution for business car rentals in Ørsted? At Oscar Car Rental, we offer comprehensive service that includes business car rental in Ørsted. You can enjoy the ultimate mobility with our wide selection of rental cars, whether you need a spacious van, a comfortable company car, or a powerful 4x4. All our cars are well-maintained and ready for use, regardless of your business needs. We have made it easy for you to rent a car by offering flexible rental periods, competitive prices, and a hassle-free process from booking to return. Make it easier for your company and use our business car rental in Ørsted - your local partner for car rental.

We are so thrilled to have very happy customers. We have a Trustpilot rating of 4,4 out of 5 with more than 3100 reviews.

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Ørsted

We have compiled some of the questions we often receive from our customers in Ørsted:

How much does it cost to rent a car in Ørsted?

You can rent a car from just DKK269 per day at Oscar Car Rental in Ørsted. The price includes 100 km per day and the liability insurance is included.

Do I have to pay more if I am under 25 years old?

No, we do not charge any extra fee for young people. You can rent a car for the same price in Ørsted if you are under 25 years old. In some cases, we will charge a higher deposit, but it will be refunded at the end of the rental. We may have an age limit on some vehicles.

Does renting a van require a special driving license?

You do not need a special driving license to drive a van, minibus or truck. All our cars in Ørsted can be driven with a standard driving license (driving license B), so you can book these cars with us.

How do I get a discount on my car rental?

When you choose to rent a car at Oscar Car Rental Ørsted, you can get a discount by placing your booking through our app. In the Oscar app, you get access to our loyalty program, which gives you a 10% discount on the rental prices of normal bookings as a minimum.