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Are you going on a trip with family or friends?

Experience the ultimate freedom! You can now rent a minibus and go on holidays, weekend trips, or business trips. The minibus frees you from the classic problem of having to coordinate driving in two to three cars and lowers your carbon footprint at the same time. A minibus also provides a more pleasant and social trip to and from your destination.

Through Oscar, you have plenty of possibilities of minibuses to rent for each type of activity. Discover the benefits of renting a minibus through Oscar.

Minibus rental all over Denmark

With our network of locations across Denmark, you will never have a long way to go to your nearest Oscar. Many of our car rental offer minibuses of various sizes, so there is always an aopportunity to make your day trip, holiday, or weekend trip just a little better.

We've made the rental process as simple as possible. Just use the search bar at the top of the page.

Enter the city of the minubus pickup, for example, "Copenhagen", into the search field. Then, enter your desired rental dates. You will then see all the available minibuses in your area.

Minibuses with up to 9 seats

Our rental minibus are available in different sizes. We offer both larger and smaller buses with seats for anywhere between 6-9 people. An example of a small bus could be a VW Touran or a Ford S-Max, both of which are quality cars with high safety standards. Rent one of the smaller vehicles from just DKK 899.

If you need space for more people, we can offer a larger minibuses, such as a Ford Transit Tourneo, a VW Caravelle, or a Fiat Ducato, which can accommodate up to 9 people and which can be driven by a driver with a standard driver's license. Rent one of these from just DKK 999 per day.

Both types of minibuses have plenty of space, so you can easily transport luggage with these vehicles. 100 kilometers per day are already included in the rental price. We also offer a possibility to purchase extra kilometers at a good discount.

Both liability and collision insurance are also included in the rental price.

In and out of the office quickly

Our minibus rental focuses on efficiency and convenience without excessive paperwork. We know that you want to get moving as quickly as possible, and we will make that happen. Using our search function at the top of the page, you can quickly get an overview of which cars we have available near you and book immediately on our website.

Young people between the ages of 18-24 can also rent one of our minibuses, but might be charged with a higher deductible and a higher deposit, depending on the car rental location. Our minibuses can also be a great option for the person who is going on holiday or for a weekend trip, but who needs some extra seats.

Download Oscar's app here

Oscar's car rental app is now available for download and you can receive benefits immediately. In our app you will find discounts, extra included kilometers, and the possibility to save unused extra kilometers for future bookings.
Experience all this and much more in our app.


Minibus rental

If you have any questions about our minibus rental, you can always contact us at +45 42909048 or email: [email protected]. We respond to all queries and will do everything we can to help you with all your issues.

When picking up, please bring your yellow health insurance card and your driver’s license.

All our minibuses can be driven with a regular driving license (B driving license).

If you need to use the car to drive abroad, you must let us know when picking you up.

Frequently asked questions concerning our minibuses

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Do I need a special driver's license to drive a minibus?

No. You are allowed to drive our minibuses with a normal driver's license. In Denmark, you can drive a vehicle with seats and seat belts for up to 9 people with a normal driver's license (category B driver's license in Denmark).

What does it cost to rent a minibus?

We do not have fixed prices on our minibuses, as the prices vary, dependign on the car rental location you select. However, you will find prices starting from just DKK 899 for a 9 seater minibus.

How do I get a discount on your minibuses?

We do not offer special discounts on our minibuses. However, on a limited selection of minibuses, we offer a lower rental price Monday to Thursday, making it possible for you to save on your rental than booking on weekends. 

Do I have to pay extra if I am under 25?

No. We do not charge additional rental fees for drivers under 25. You can rent a minibus for the same price even if you are under 25 years old. We might, in some cases, charge a bigger deposit, but it will be fully refunded to you at the end of the rental.

Note that there also might be age limit on some minibuses, pelase check "More Information" when you select your minibus. 

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