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All types of trailers for rent

We have a wide range of rental trailers at Oscar. Whether it's a trip to the landfill or to transport your car home. At Oscar, we offer vehicles near you at great prices.

The versatile car rental

We have several types of trailers at Oscar, which means that you can always find what you are looking for. We have various types of trailers: from open trailers to trailers for moving.

Use our search bar on the top of the page to check available trailers near you. The majority of our locations rent trailers. However, the inventory at every location may vary.

Open trailer for transport

The open trailer can be used in connection with the transport of furniture and garden waste for small cleanup projects. Our trailer prices start from just DKK 99 per rental day. This solution is a good and cheap alternative to a moving van if you have furniture to move.

The cheap car trailer

Car trailer rental from Oscar is both an efficient and cheap solution if your car has broken down or if you have bought a new car that needs to be transported home.

Renting a car trailer is a cheaper solution compared to renting a car transporter. It is significantly cheaper than letting an external company take care of the transport. A car trailer from Oscar allows you to self-transport the car.

Protecting your things with a moving trailer

If you are moving, you can choose one of our moving trailers. You’ll be protected against the weather, and you can save a considerable amount compared to hiring a moving company. If a moving van is not necessary, our moving tailors are a good solution to cover your specific needs.

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Oscar's car rental app is now available for download and you can receive benefits immediately. In our app you will find discounts, extra included kilometers, and the possibility to save unused extra kilometers for future bookings.
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If the capacity of the moving trailer is not sufficient, our vans and moving trucks can accommodate a lot more.

Terms and conditions when renting a trailer

When you pick up the vehicle at one of our locations, you should have your driver’s license and insurance certificate with you. Of course, we make sure that the paperwork is completed as quickly as possible so that you can start your rental period.

Liability and collision insurance are included in our prices.

Frequently asked questions concerning our trailer rental

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about our trailer rentals.

Do I need a special driver's license to drive with a trailer?

This depends on a few different things. Please pay attention to Danish law concerning driving with a trailer. As an example: If the car, the trailer, and the load exceed 3.500 kg a normal driver's license is not sufficient. Therefore, please pay attention to which driver's license you have and the Danish law.

Which trailers can I rent?

We offer a wide selection of trailers in our fleet. You will find regular open and closed trailers, trailers for moving, and car trailers. However, we can't guarantee that we have the trailer you are looking for near you, as you selection varies from city to city.

What does it cost to rent a trailer?

The price on trailer rental depends on the trailer and the location you are renting at. Use our search bar on the top of the page to search for your area. This will allow you to see our prices.

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