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Since the launch in October 2019, Oscar has managed to expand the business outside Denmark’s borders, and is now an active player in the markets of Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium as well. We opened our doors for the first customers in Spain in September 2021 and in the Netherlands in January 2022, and has since February 2023 also operated in both Germany and Belgium.

Oscar now has more than 4370 vehicles available in more than 390 locations across our markets - this was achieved with ambitious and dedicated employees and by constantly working on challenging the markets. In just a few years, we have had more than 175.700 customers, and the team continues to grow each month - currently counting more than 70 employees.

In order to meet the great demand that we are experiencing, the country managers are regularly looking for new collaborations with local workshops, car dealers and leasing companies throughout the countries that we operate in.

Oscar concept


Oscar Car Rental is operated as a marketplace, which means that all car rental locations are run independently of each other. Roughly explained, Oscar conveys the customers to our partners, also called rental locations, and receives a fee of the gross merchandise value (GMV). Oscar provides marketing, software and customer care, while the rental locations contributes with the vehicles and handling of customers.

The main rental products across all markets are cars, vans, moving trucks, and minibuses, but we also rent out trailers, campers, car transporters and refrigerator trucks, etc. The rental agreement is always signed between the rental location and the customer, but we strive to be very much involved and helpful, if any of the parties have questions or challenges.

Our why

Our mission

We strive to make car rental enjoyable at an affordable price to everyone everywhere.

Our vision

We strive to become the world leading brand within the rental of any vehicle.

Oscar values


Quality, ethics and transparency. Precisely these values are the way forward for loyal and happy customers - especially in the car rental industry. We regularly ask locations to check and replace the vehicles, to ensure a hassle-free and comfortable rental for our customers.

We strive to offer car rental at honest prices and without hidden fees – simple as that. Oscar also values the personal connection with both customers and rental locations, and see these relationships as an integral part of our business and service.

Oscar achievements


In 2021, Oscar Car Rental was named by the Danish Chamber of Commerce as Denmark’s best new e-commerce company. In 2022, we became the first and only company to win this prize two years in a row. We should all be very proud of these awards as well as the words we got along the way.

Read more about our achievements and sponsorships.

E-commerce Award 2021

In an impressively short time, this company has disrupted a market characterized by a lot of large and international players - and a lack of transparency. They have built 119 departments in a short period of time. They offer a tool for administration, tools, etc. in addition to the actual business. The business is data-driven and nothing is random.

E-commerce Award 2022

This year's winner has delivered on budget, doubled their revenue and managed to get 40% of their customers to return. In a short time, they have grabbed 16% of the entire car rental market in Denmark, they create growth locally, but at the same time they have full speed ahead with exports. The team is great, the business is data-driven and the ambitions are high. They're on a roll!

Our founders

Dannie Hansen

Dannie Hansen


Dannie, who co-founded Oscar Car Rental alongside his brother Christian in 2019, has always been driven by a customer-first philosophy. His primary motivation for starting the company was to provide a cost-effective, honest, and transparent alternative in the car rental industry, always prioritizing the needs of the customers.

Renowned as a marketing guru, Dannie continually seeks visionary ideas, focusing on innovative ways to enhance the business in manners that directly benefit the customers. His dedication to customer satisfaction is at the heart of every decision and strategy implemented at Oscar Car Rental.

Christian Pallesen

Christian Pallesen


Christian co-founded the company back in 2019 with his brother, Dannie. With Oscar Car Rental, Christian saw an opportunity to build a business that benefitted both business owners and end consumers. His concept was to establish a car rental network characterized by simplicity and transparent pricing, ensuring mutual benefits for entrepreneurs and customers alike.

Christian is dedicated to taking the business to a global scale, investing most of his time in expanding the rental fleet and location network, with the aim of creating value for all parties involved in the car rental process.

Entrepreneurs at heart

The two brothers are already well-known in the startup community in Europe, as they have also founded the health & nutrition brands Nordic Oil, Nordic Cosmetics, and Sundt Nutrition. Following the rapid expansion of Oscar Car Rental, they have now entrusted colleagues with the management of daily operations for their other brands. This shift allows them to dedicate their full attention and efforts towards the further growth and enhancement of Oscar Car Rental.

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