In Oscar Car Rental we have always had a desire to make a difference to people and organisations. We have therefore created a corporate sponsorship for attractive projects and associations. In Denmark we have over 120 locations, so we know how important local support is. That's why we want to support our location's sport teams, a charitable organisation or a project that helps others. We therefore welcome your suggestion for what our next sponsorship should be.

Who do we sponsor?

Oscar Car Rental is a proud sponsor of more than 30 sports clubs across the country. We believe that local sports clubs are best supported by local businesses, and we want to be part of that. At Oscar Car Rental, we hope that our support contributes to better conditions for sports clubs to realise their goals, which in the end benefits the whole city.

Sports clubs

Below you can see some of the sports clubs we support:

Oscar Sponsorater

Organisations and projects

We support the following organisations:

Oscar Støtter

Would you like to sponsor Oscar Car Rental?

If you would like to have Oscar Car Rental as your sponsor, please contact us at [email protected].