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Moving truck


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Oscar Car Rental Sønderborg Grundtvigs Allé 178
6400 Sønderborg

Opening hours

Outside width
1,8 m
Outside height
1,55 m
Outside length
3,5 m
Inside width
1,25 m
Inside height
0,9 m
Inside length
2,5 m
Inside size
2,81 m³
Tow bar max. load
750 kg
Load capacity
750 kg

Brenderup Koch

DKK199.00 per day
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If you need a car rental in Sønderborg, Oscar car rental Sønderborg welcomes you in collaboration with Bilfestival. We always offer local, good and cheap car rental in Denmark, with only DKK 249 per. Day. We have everything from small cars to large station wagons with room for 7 people. Whatever your needs, we are sure we have the car that suits your needs exactly.

If you are missing a car for your move or need to pick up something bigger than you have room for in your car, we also offer rental of vans and moving cars - with and without electric lift. You can book your van or moving car today - but there is a rift about them, so be out well in advance.

The many benefits of car rental in Sønderborg

  • Large selection of cars
  • Rent a car from DKK 249 per. day
  • Oscar's departments are located throughout Denmark
  • VAT, hull, and liability insurance included
  • Rent for young people at no extra cost
  • 100 km included per. day
  • Large selection of extra accessories at modest prices
  • No hidden fees
  • Advantageous price for extra kilometers
  • Good offers specified for your wishes

- and many more benefits. You experience fast and easy online booking and not least easy and safe collection of your loan car at your local car rental here in Sønderborg. Whether you choose a car, van, or moving car in Sønderborg, all cars can be driven with a small driving license (B driving license).

Experience Sønderborg and the surrounding area

Sønderborg and Als is an attractive area that has a lot to offer. There are plenty of activities and things to see to keep you busy. Take a walk past Sønderborg harbor, where the most beautiful sea view, the beach, and Sønderborg Castle is. Not far from there is the area's newest hotel Hotel Alsik as well as Sønderborg pedestrian street and the shopping center Borgen, which are all worth a visit.

Was fought. If you are interested in learning more about war history and hearing exciting stories from the past, you can visit the history center opposite. In addition, you can drive just over Kong Christian X Bro and get directly to Dybbøl Banke and Dybbøl Mølle, where you can walk around the same hills, where the Three Years' War and the war in 1864, among other things.

In addition to Sønderborg, you should also experience the surrounding area. There are many beautiful forests and natural areas as well as interesting cities to experience. In addition to Sønderborg Castle, there are also many other beautiful castles in the area, such as Augustenborg Castle, Nordborg Castle, and Gråsten Castle, where the latter is visited by the Danish royal family every summer.

Rent a van or moving car

Save the expensive mover and do the work yourself. With a car rental from Oscar, you can handle your move or work cheaply and easily. You can rent small vans or large moving cars from us, depending on what task you have in front of you. Maybe your own van is in the workshop, or you have been given a task that requires more tools and equipment. We are happy to help you with your choice of a rental car.

Rent a moving car or van in Sønderborg by using the search bar at the top of the page, where you select your desired vehicle and your desired dates.

Information about the practical

When your car rental starts and you have to pick up your rental car, you only need to bring your driving license and the yellow health insurance certificate, and we will take care of the rest. If you need more information about our cars or car rental, you are welcome to contact us at 42909048 or by email at [email protected]. In addition, we are also ready for a chat on our website.

Our address in Sønderborg is Grundtvigs Allé 178. Here you are always welcome to talk about our cars, rentals and more. A deposit may be charged at the department. This is charged when the car is picked up, and several factors come into play. This can depend on the driver's age, the type of car, and the driver's Dankort.

We want to be Denmark's best car rental company.

Since the start of Oscar car rental, we have wanted to service our customers in the best possible way, both with the best cars and the best service and at the best price. That is why we have made it both easy and cheap for you to rent a car. The administrative process is easy and simple, and therefore you can quickly get out and experience Sønderborg.

We strive to be your preferred car rental company at Oscar car rental Sønderborg.

Are you going for a trip across the border?

When you in Sønderborg are so close to the border, it is very obvious to take a trip to Germany. To be fully insured when you drive across Denmark's borders, it is a requirement that you purchase our foreign insurance. In this way, you are insured and covered throughout your rental period and abroad when you rent a car at Oscar car rental Sønderborg.

We would like to hear your opinion.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive satisfactory service and car rental here at Oscar car rental Sønderborg. That is why we need to give you a good experience. Therefore tell about your experience with Oscar car rental Sønderborg both to us and others by clicking here.

We would greatly appreciate rice and praise, but if you have any suggestions for improvements or something about your car rental that you were not completely satisfied with, you are more than welcome to contact us.

We hope you will rent your next Oscar car rental, Sønderborg, and drive well with us. We look forward to welcoming you!

Our customers are happy customers. We have a rating of 4,4 out of 5 at Trustpilot with more than 3100 reviews.

Other customers in Sønderborg also ask

Please find a selection of frequently asked questions below about our rental services in Sønderborg:

How much does it cost to rent a car in Sønderborg?

At Oscar Car Rental, we have some of the best prices on car rental in Denmark. Because of that you can book our rental cars from DKK199.00 per day in Sønderborg.

Am I allowed to drive a van or moving truck myself?

Yes, everyone with a regular driver's license is allowed to drive our vans and moving trucks. You can rent a van or moving truck in Sønderborg by using the search functionality on our website.

Do you charge a young driver fee?

No, we do not. When you rent a car in Sønderborg, you pay the same no matter your age. You might be charged a higher deposit if you are younger than 25, but you will, of course, be reimbursed after the rental period. Please note that some cars have a customer age restriction.

Can I get a discount when I rent a car?

Yes, you can. We offer a 10% discount on the day price on normal bookings when you place your booking in our mobile app. Therefore, rent a car in Sønderborg by placing the booking in our app.