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Oscar Car Rental Herlev

Moving truck

V.A.S. Herlev

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Oscar Car Rental Herlev Kantatevej 25
2730 Herlev

Opening hours

Outside height
2,1 m

Air conditioning, Cruise control, Bluetooth, Heated seats, Isofix, GPS, Parking sensors

VW Caravelle

from DKK899.00 per day
2014 Minibus
5 Doors
9 Seats
15,6 km/l
Without tow bar
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Outside height
210 m

Air conditioning, Bluetooth, Heated seats, Isofix, GPS, Parking sensors, USB

VW Caravelle

from DKK899.00 per day
2017 Minibus
4 Doors
9 Seats
16,1 km/l
Without tow bar
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What our customers say…


At Valby Auto Service (Herlev) (just 3-5 minutes walk from Herlev st.) You will find one of Oscar car rental's many departments, each of which strives to provide you with the best car rental possible and exceptional service. Please choose any of our cars from our large selection. At Oscar in Herlev, you can find exactly the car you need so that your needs can be met.

Discover the benefits of car rental in Herlev through Oscar

When you rent a car at Oscar in Herlev, you will experience a more accessible and flexible everyday life. You are not bound by tight schedules with public transport and the like.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to rent a car, which is why our prices start from just DKK 249 per person. Day. Furthermore, we have a large assortment of different vehicles in different sizes. Read more below about the benefits of renting at Oscar car rental in Herlev.

Benefits of Oscar Car Rental

  • 100 km included per. day
  • Safe and local car rental
  • VAT, hull, and liability insurance included
  • Large selection of cars
  • Possibility of long-term
  • Possibility of purchasing extra kilometers with significant savings
  • No hidden fees

We make it easy for you

We take care of everything practical. That way, we have made it easy for you and your car rental. Follow these steps to rent a car:

  1. Search to see which cars the Herlev department has available
  2. Enter your desired dates and what kind of vehicle you are looking for
  3. Options: Extra km, other accessories, extra insurance, and extra driver, depending on your needs
  4. Complete payment, and you then have your rental car reserved

Ready for your move yourself

Let Oscar car rental help you manage your move. That way, you can drop the expensive moving companies and rent your moving car. Here you can do it your way, and do it yourself according to your schedule.

If you need to move, we have just what you need. We offer large moving cars of up to 20 m3. Make your move easy with renting a moving vehicle from Oscar car rental Herlev.

Rent a minibus from Oscar car rental Herlev

Make your day trip, holiday, or weekend stay much better by renting a minibus from Oscar car rental. We have several minibusses available in our department in Herlev. This is the perfect solution for those who need some more space so that all your friends or the whole family can join the trip.

When renting a minibus, of course, there is also 100 km included per. Day as well as hull and liability insurance. If these kilometers are not sufficient for your trip, you, of course have the opportunity to buy extra kilometers.

Rent a car on a subscription

Oscar car rental also offers long-term rental - this is what we call: Oscar Bilabonnement.

If you rent a car for more than 28 consecutive days, it automatically becomes a Car Subscription, which means a reduced daily price. Here we have prices from just 99, - pr. Day with, among other things, insurance and km included in the price. A car subscription is an alternative to standard leasing, where there are often long lock-in periods and large payouts. You can avoid this when you rent a car from Oscar on Bilabonnement.

Oscar Car Subscription includes insurance, property tax, roadside assistance, and 40 km per. Day. You only have to think about fuel!

Tell us about your experience at Oscar car rental Herlev

At Oscar car rental, we always put the customer first, and we also go to great lengths to give them a good experience. That is why we are very proud of the very nice reviews that we have received from customers on Trustpilot and Google. Here we look forward to your review and your assessment of your experience with us.

Contact us

Oscar car rental Herlev is always ready to help you with exactly your needs and has the car you need at the best prices.

If you have more questions or need help booking, correcting or canceling your booking, you can contact our customer service on tel. 42909048, by email [email protected] or chat on our website. Oscar car rental Herlev is located at Katantevej 25, where we always have a car ready for your needs.

Oscar car rental is always ready to help you find your perfect car rental in Herlev.

Our customers are happy customers. We have a rating of 4,5 out of 5 at Trustpilot with more than 1700 reviews.

Do you have a question about our car rental in Herlev?

In that case, please continue reading. We have listed some of the most frequent questions about our car rental in Herlev:

What is the price of your car rental in Herlev?

Our prices vary from location to location. Prices start at DKK249.00 per day in Herlev, which include insurances and 100 km per rental day.

Can I drive a van or a moving truck?

You both can and may. In Denmark, everyone with a regular driver's license may drive a van or a moving truck. As so, you are welcome to rent a van or a moving truck in Herlev.

I am younger than 25 years old. Do I have to pay extra in this case?

We do not charge an additional fee for young drivers. We do have a few cars in Herlevthat can have a customer age restriction. Furthermore, you can be charged a higher deposit if you are below 25.

What discounts can I get on car rental?

By placing your booking in the Oscar mobile app, you access our loyalty program. You get a 10% discount on the day price on normal bookings. Use the app and search for Herlev to get a discount on your booking.