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Oscar Car Rental Frederikshavn

Moving truck

Nordentoft Biler ApS

Receives cars outside opening hours (via keybox)


Oscar Car Rental Frederikshavn Suderbovej 16A
9900 Frederikshavn

Opening hours

Outside width
2,56 m
Outside height
3,15 m
Outside length
6,9 m
Inside width
2,1 m
Inside height
2,2 m
Inside length
4,1 m
Inside size
18,94 m³
Load capacity
940 kg

Air conditioning, Cruise control, Bluetooth, Heated seats, Reversing Camera, USB

Renault Master

from DKK749.00 per day
2022 Moving truck w/lift
2 Doors
3 Seats
15,6 km/l
Without tow bar
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What our customers say…

Car rental Frederikshavn

Welcome to Oscar Car Rental's department in Frederikshavn. In collaboration with Nordentoft Biler, Oscar Car Rental offers rental of a large selection of cheap vehicles in Frederikshavn. In this way, we have made it easy for you to rent a car quickly and cheaply at your local car dealer in Frederikshavn. Here we have exactly the car you need, so we can always find an optimal solution for you no matter what kind of car you are looking for!

Lots of idyll in Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn is one of Denmark's favorite port cities with its good location in North Jutland. With so many opportunities and activities, there is something for everyone. There is no better way to get around than with a car when you are finally in Frederikshavn. This is where Oscar Car Rental comes into the picture, and we will be happy to help you find the vehicle that suits your needs.

Here you have ample opportunity to find something exciting to do. Take your family or friends under your arm and drive away in your rental car from Oscar Car Rental in Frederikshavn and take a trip in the beautiful area with the beautiful surrounding nature. Inside Frederikshavn city, there are many fascinating monuments and places not to be missed on the trip. The city's famous marina and the harbor is also a nice place to spend a day, where you, e.g., can see the famous statue of the Lady from the sea.

In Frederikshavn, there is at least the opportunity to get many experiences richer. The Musiske Hus on Rådhuspladsen is also a popular gathering place for many, forming the setting for many cultural events. Just south of the city, you can also visit the Bangsbo Fort Museum or visit the Bangsbo Botanical Gardens.

Take a trip to Denmark's only palm beach, located in Frederikshavn, as the city's most popular and child-friendly beach. There are plenty of activities where you can spend the whole day in a warm environment that gives a feeling and a sense of being in the south. So if you are into white sand, clear water, sunbathing, and relaxing under the palm trees, do not hesitate to give the beach a visit.

Our selection of rental cars

At Oscar, we have an extensive range of rental cars in Frederikshavn. We offer both passenger cars, minibusses, vans, and moving cars. Here's something for everyone in our fleet of vehicles so we can guarantee our customers' satisfaction.

Your options are many as we have such a large fleet of vehicles. We are happy to make an offer that matches your needs. You are welcome to call tel: 42 90 90 48 for inquiries or questions about car rental.

Are you moving? It is no problem here at Oscar Car Rental in Frederikshavn, where we have a large selection of large and small vans and large moving cars with lifts. In addition, we have moving trucks and vans in different sizes, so whatever your need is, we will be able to meet it. Here we want to help make your car rental in Frederikshavn easier.

Whichever car you choose, we guarantee that you can drive it, as all our vehicles must be operated with a regular B driving license - including our moving vehicles, minibusses, and vans. For more information about the dimensions and size of our vehicles, you can read more about its specifications under the preferred vehicle under More information. In addition, we have no fee for car rental for persons under 25 years.

Many Benefits of Oscar Car Rental

We strive to be your preferred car rental when you need to rent a car. Therefore, you also get many benefits when you rent at Oscar Car Rental.

  • Local - simple - cheap car rental
  • Car rental for people under 25
  • Some of the lowest prices in Denmark
  • 100 km is included per day
  • Service, insurance, and VAT are included in our prices
  • Easy and clear booking
  • We accept receipt of cars outside regular business hours

We would like to hear your opinion!

Do you have a moment? Help us improve - Rate your experience at Oscar Biludlejning Frederikshavn on Google.

We welcome rice and praise, suggestions for improvements. We are also interested in hearing how your experience with us has been. At Oscar Car Rental, we do our best to make our customers happy. That's why we're proud of our great reviews on Google and Trustpilot. Even though we rent out many cars daily, we always want to improve to become the preferred car rental company in Frederikshavn. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate hearing your opinion and about your experience here at the Oscar department in Frederikshavn.

Practical information

You will find Oscar Car Rental Frederikshavn at Suderbovej 16A, 9900 Frederikshavn. When picking up your rental car, be sure to bring a driver's license and yellow health insurance cards. And here, we want to make you aware that a deposit may be charged when picking up your rental car. And then you're driving!

When handing in the car, you also have the option of handing it in outside our opening hours, if it suits you best. Here you can put the keys in the key box outside our department after handing in the car.

We look forward to seeing you at Oscar Car Rental in Frederikshavn. We are sure that we can help you along the way. If you have questions about your reservation or need to change it, we are also ready to help. You can chat with us on our website, call us on tel. 42 90 90 48 or send an email to [email protected]

We wish you an excellent trip to Frederikshavn with Oscar Car Rental.

Our customers are happy customers. We have a rating of 4,5 out of 5 at Trustpilot with more than 1700 reviews.

Other customers in Frederikshavn also ask

Please find a selection of frequently asked questions below about our rental services in Frederikshavn:

How much does it cost to rent a car in Frederikshavn?

At Oscar Car Rental, we have some of the best prices on car rental in Denmark. Because of that you can book our rental cars from DKK249.00 per day in Frederikshavn.

Am I allowed to drive a van or moving truck myself?

Yes, everyone with a regular driver's license is allowed to drive our vans and moving trucks. You can rent a van or moving truck in Frederikshavn by using the search functionality on our website.

Do you charge a young driver fee?

No, we do not. When you rent a car in Frederikshavn, you pay the same no matter your age. You might be charged a higher deposit if you are younger than 25, but you will, of course, be reimbursed after the rental period. Please note that some cars have a customer age restriction.

Can I get a discount when I rent a car?

Yes, you can. We offer a 10% discount on the day price on normal bookings when you place your booking in our mobile app. Therefore, rent a car in Frederikshavn by placing the booking in our app.