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Oscar Car Rental Fredericia

Moving truck

Henrik Christensen A/S (Fredericia)

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Oscar Car Rental Fredericia Vesterballevej 7A
7000 Fredericia

Opening hours

Outside width
1,92 m
Outside height
1,95 m
Outside length
5,31 m
Tow bar max. load
2000 kg

Air conditioning, Cruise control, Bluetooth, Heated seats, Reversing Camera, Parking sensors, Apple CarPlay, Isofix, USB, Winter tires

Peugeot Expert

from DKK949.00 per day
5 Doors
8 Seats
16,9 km/l
With tow bar
More information
Outside width
1,92 m
Outside height
1,91 m
Outside length
5,31 m
Tow bar max. load
1800 kg

Air conditioning, Cruise control, Bluetooth, Heated seats, Parking sensors, Isofix, USB, Winter tires

Toyota Proace

from DKK949.00 per day
5 Doors
9 Seats
22,4 km/l
With tow bar
More information
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Car Rental Fredericia

Welcome to Oscar Car Rental in Fredericia. In collaboration with Henrik Christensen Fredericia A/S, Oscar is now also in Fredericia, where we will look forward to welcoming you. We are one of more than 100 individual Oscar departments throughout Denmark. With us, you have the opportunity to rent precisely the car that you need and suit your needs.

We look forward to seeing you at Henrik Christensen Fredericia A/S. We will be happy to help and guide you to the best possible car rental in Fredericia.

At Oscar Biludlejning, we go to great lengths to provide the best possible service for our customers and provide the best experience so that they could feel like renting a car from us again. At Oscar Biludlejning, we do not believe that car rental is only a car rental. That is why we rent cars for all purposes and strive to make every car rental at Oscar an excellent experience. So even if you only rent a car to get from A to B, we do everything to make it a good trip and experience.

We will look forward to helping you further with a rental car that can help you explore Fredericia and create memories and good experiences.


Suppose you are looking for a strong cultural life, an exciting city history, and enough activities to keep you going. In that case, Fredericia is the perfect city for you. This is a city that offers everything the heart desires. Here, a rental car from Oscar Biludlejning Fredericia will be both a practical and easy choice. Here you will without any problems be able to plan your trip around the city and see the things you want to see without worrying about public transport.

Although Fredericia today is a very modern city, it was an old fortress town that you can still experience today. Here you have the opportunity to see a bit of this at the old castle and the ramparts in the city, which is one of the best-preserved ramparts in Northern Europe. The fortress itself in Fredericia has also been of great importance to Denmark and its history, so it is worth visiting.

Fredericia has so much to offer with, among other things, lovely beaches, forests and there is plenty of cultural experiences, shopping, and cafe life. In addition, many museums can also provide exciting and educational hours. Suppose you have the courage and are not afraid of heights. In that case, Bridgewalking Lillebælt is also a fun adrenaline-seeking alternative. That way, there is something for all ages and groups.

At the same time, Fredericia has one of the best locations in Denmark, as it is so centrally located in the triangle area. Here you can quickly get a trip to Funen or Zealand with the Little Belt, which is so conveniently close. Otherwise, a trip further up in Jutland can also be the destination for you, where, e.g., the city of Aarhus is located approximately an hour away. Here, car rental in Fredericia will be the practical choice, so you can drive there yourself at will and plan it yourself.

Experience the freedom with our rental cars

We are very proud of the large selection of cars that we can offer our customers. Please choose one of our popular cars that suits you and your needs. Here we can provide everything from small microcars that are perfect for accessible city driving to large spacious minibusses for trips with the whole family or group of friends.

Here at Oscar, you can rent vans and moving cars at an excellent price. Our vehicles have different sizes and different load capacities. So if you need a van or moving truck with much space, we can always be helpful. You can read more about this in the description of the individual car you are looking at.

No matter what the case is, whether it is your van in the workshop, whether you need to move a few things, or whether it is an entire apartment, we have the van / moving truck for your needs. With the various vans and moving cars we offer, we can make your move more manageable and cheap. In this way, the transportation of the goods will not be a problem.

Rent a car at Oscar from just DKK249 per day

Here at Oscar Fredericia Car Rental in Denmark, we have cars down to DKK249 per rental day. Since we opened our doors for the first time, we have strived to focus on good service and good quality cars for little money. We have done this as we do not believe that renting a car should cost a fortune. We want to give you the best experience, and therefore we have made sure that your car rental with us is both simple, easy and cheap. 

Are you going outside Denmark's borders?

If you are going abroad during your rental period, we can also be helpful. We offer Foreign Insurance that insures your rental car outside Denmark's borders. It is mandatory to buy when you rent at Oscar Fredericia Biludlejning. In addition, we have good discounts when you book extra km in the booking process for your longer trips. And the more km you buy when booking, the more you save:

Buy extra km in advance and save money

  • 100 km - Save 10%
  • 200 km - Save 20%
  • 300 km - Save 30%
  • 400 km - Save 40%

It's an easy and cheap car rental at Oscar Fredericia Car Rental

Step 1:

Fill in your wishes concerning car type, pick-up location, and rental period. Then we will show you a list of available cars that match your needs.

Step 2:

Once you have found your match, you will be given the option to add extra miles and accessories if this is necessary for you.

Step 3:

Finally, you fill in your information and pay. You will then receive a confirmation by email and SMS, and then you are ready to pick up your car.

Oscar Bilabonnement

Suppose you need a car for a more extended period and do not bother to buy or lease a vehicle. In that case, Oscar Biludlejning Fredericia can also be helpful. We offer Oscar Car Subscription when you need to rent a car for more than 28 days. Here it will also mean that you rent the car cheaper at a special price. Here we make sure that you have an easy and safe solution, where we take care of all the practicalities. Here you can use precisely the car you need and which fits into your schedule.

Why you should choose Oscar Car subscription subscription

  • All types of cars available for car
  • Monthly payment
  • Special price
  • Car subscription for customers under 25 is also possible
  • Including insurance, service, and ownership tax

Our customers and Reviews

Here at Oscar, we care a lot about our reputation and our customers' experience and satisfaction. We are constantly working to improve and make your car rental better. Our reviews on Google and Trustpilot, among others, therefore mean a lot to us - and we are consequently also pleased with all the positive responses that we have received back from our customers. Consequently, we would also like to hear about your point of view and your experience with us, which you can do by writing a review here.

Pick up your rental car

We can guarantee a straightforward booking and pick up of your rental car in Fredericia. However, we point out that a deposit may be charged when the vehicle is picked up. This amount may vary, but it depends on the type of car, the payment card, and the driver's age.

At Oscar Biludlejning, we do not charge a fee for youth rental, as many other car rental companies do, but there may be a larger deposit. You will, of course, get this back when the car rental is over. On the other hand, some car types have an age limit, where you must have a certain age to be able to book the car.

We accept both debit and credit cards but no cash. When picking up your car in Fredericia, we kindly ask you to bring a payment card, driving license, and health insurance certificate. Then you are driving in your new rental car in Fredericia.

Contact us

We do our best to help you! If you have questions or need more information, you can see the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. If you do not receive an answer to your question, you are always more than welcome to contact us via chat on the website, by phone at 42909048, or by email at [email protected].

Find Oscar Biludlejning Fredericia on Vesterballevej 7A. We look forward to helping you with transport options in Fredericia. We are sure that we can help you along the way. We hope you have a five-star experience here at Oscar Biludlejning Fredericia.

Our customers are happy customers. We have a rating of 4,3 out of 5 at Trustpilot with more than 3400 reviews.

Other customers in Fredericia also ask

Please find a selection of frequently asked questions below about our rental services in Fredericia:

How much does it cost to rent a car in Fredericia?

At Oscar Car Rental, we have some of the best prices on car rental in Denmark. Because of that you can book our rental cars from DKK249 per day in Fredericia.

Am I allowed to drive a van or moving truck myself?

Yes, everyone with a regular driver's license is allowed to drive our vans and moving trucks. You can rent a van or moving truck in Fredericia by using the search functionality on our website.

Do you charge a young driver fee?

No, we do not. When you rent a car in Fredericia, you pay the same no matter your age. You might be charged a higher deposit if you are younger than 25, but you will, of course, be reimbursed after the rental period. Please note that some cars have a customer age restriction.

Can I get a discount when I rent a car?

Yes, you can. We offer a 10% discount on the day price on normal bookings when you place your booking in our mobile app. Therefore, rent a car in Fredericia by placing the booking in our app.