General information about our insurances

We know that many are in doubt about how and how well one is insured in connection with car rental. That is why we have made it easy and simple to get insured from head to toe with our insurance that can be purchased when booking a rental car.

As standard, there is liability insurance and hull insurance with all our rental cars. However, the deductible can still be high on the car, and therefore we strongly recommend that you purchase our self-risk insurance, which is deductible-reducing insurance.

Below you can read more about our insurances that can be purchased, which we offer for all rentals via Oscar.

We offer the following solutions

Self-risk insurance

Our self-risk insurance reduces your deductible if the car is damaged in one way or another, or if you are exposed to theft. The deductible is an amount that you pay yourself if the accident occurs.

Tow hook insurance

With this insurance, you extend the insurance to include the towing hook and attachment.

Foreign use

If you are going to drive outside the country's borders, this insurance is a necessity for our liability insurance, hull insurance, and roadside assistance to cover you.

We also refer to our terms and conditions.