Discounts and special offers

There are several ways to save money on your booking when renting a car through Oscar. For example, you can get a discount through our loyalty program or get a discount on extra kilometers by purchasing the kilometers in advance. 

On this page, you will find an overview of all our discounts and special offers

Campaign codes, discounts, and coupons at Oscar

We do not offer any campaign- or discount codes.

However, we always offer low prices on car rental starting at just DKK 249 per day.

Oscar Loyalty program

If you book via Oscar mobile app, you will get a minimum of 10% discount on the daily rental price on normal bookings (long-term bookings excluded). 

  • In the app, you start as a Bronze member, which gives you a 10% discount on normal bookings.
  • Silver members get 15% discount on normal bookings and a 50% discount on self-risk insurance.
  • Gold members get 15% discount on normal bookings, 25% extra included kilometers and self-risc insurance for free.

You can also save your unused kilometers for future bookings, which is only available for app customers. 

Read about the Oscar app here.

How to get a discount on

Even though we do not offer campaigns and discount codes, it is still possible to get a discount on your booking. Read along to find out how.

Download Oscar's app here

Oscar's car rental app is now available for download and you can receive benefits immediately. In our app you will find discounts, extra included kilometers, and the possibility to save unused extra kilometers for future bookings.
Experience all this and much more in our app.


You can even get a bigger saving: if you need a car for more than 28 days, you can make use of our Car Subscription. With a car subscription, our prices begin at DKK 99 per day - that is up to a 60% discount!

Consecutive days discount

The consecutive days discount only applies if the booking is created with the required amount of days and will not apply or change in case of an extension due to extra administration cost. If the booking is shortened, the discounts will change according to the amount of days the booking ends up being.

Days Discount from
3 days 5%
5 days 10%
7 days 15%

* May not apply to all car types. Discounts do not apply to long-term bookings over 28 days.

Discount on extra kilometers

Whether you are booking a car, van, moving truck, or minibus, you always get 100 km per day already included in your rental price. 

If you know beforehand, that you need more than the included kilometers, it is recommended to purchase extra kilometers in advance. By doing so, you will save between 10% and 40% on extra kilometers:

Number of km Discount
100 km 10%
200 km 20%
300 km 30%
400 km 40%