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Bornholm, Denmark's sunny rocky island in the Baltic Sea, is a true gem offering breathtaking landscapes and a rich history. Whether you're interested in relaxing beach days, exciting hikes, or cultural experiences, Bornholm has it all.

An ideal way to explore the island's beauty is through car rental, which allows the freedom to move around on your own and at your own pace. Explore Bornholm's picturesque villages, impressive rock formations, and captivating views—all readily accessible when you rent a car from Oscar.

Rent a Car on Bornholm

Renting a car on Bornholm is an excellent way to fully experience the island's diversity. With a rental car from Oscar, you have easy access to both well-known attractions and hidden gems scattered across the island.

From the dramatic cliff coasts at Hammershus to the inviting white sandy beaches at Dueodde, a car gives you the freedom to explore these destinations on your own terms.

You can rent a car in Rønne, where the ferry arrives, making it convenient to start your drive around the island right upon arrival. With competitive prices and flexible rental options, car rental on Bornholm is both simple and economically feasible, ensuring that your holiday can be as free and independent as possible.

Van Rental on Bornholm

At Oscar Car Rental on Bornholm, you will find the perfect selection of vans for transporting goods, whether it involves business deliveries or moving personal belongings.

Our fleet of vans is ideally suited to meet a wide range of transport needs, with vehicles ranging from smaller models perfect for quick deliveries in urban areas to larger vans that can handle more extensive loads.

Located centrally in Rønne, Oscar Car Rental makes it easy to start your transport task right when you arrive on the island. All vans from Oscar are maintained to the highest standard and are fully equipped to ensure safe and comfortable driving.

With our flexible rental terms and competitive prices, Oscar Car Rental is an excellent choice for anyone looking for efficient and reliable goods transport on Bornholm.

Rent a Moving Truck on Bornholm

At Oscar Car Rental on Bornholm, you can rent a moving truck that perfectly fits your needs, whether you are facing a private move or need to transport larger items to an event. Oscar Car Rental offers a selection of moving trucks in various sizes, so you can find just the right vehicle for the scope of your task.

With a location near Rønne, it is easy and convenient to pick up and return the vehicle. Our moving trucks are well-maintained and reliable, and you can expect modern amenities such as air conditioning and GPS navigation, ensuring a comfortable driving experience. With competitive prices and flexible rental agreements, Oscar Car Rental is an excellent choice for anyone needing a robust solution for transport on the island.

Rent a Minibus on Bornholm - from 6 to 9 seats

At Oscar Car Rental on Bornholm, we offer minibus rental that is ideal for groups wanting to explore the island together. Our minibuses with up to 9 seats are perfect for larger families, friends, or sports groups wanting to travel together comfortably and efficiently.

With a minibus from Oscar Car Rental, you can easily navigate around Bornholm's beautiful roads, visit the island's attractions, or transport equipment for various activities. Our minibuses are modern and well-equipped with comfortable seats, ample luggage space, and air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant driving experience regardless of the weather.

With our central location in Rønne, it is easy and convenient to pick up and return our minibuses. Embark on an adventure in Bornholm with a reliable and spacious minibus from Oscar Car Rental.

Car Rental for Businesses on Bornholm

Oscar Car Rental on Bornholm offers tailored car rental solutions for businesses, designed to meet the specific needs of business travel and corporate transport.

Our business solutions include a wide range of vehicles, from economy cars to larger executive models, all equipped to ensure comfort and efficiency on business trips.

We understand the importance of reliability and flexibility in business, and therefore offer flexible rental agreements that can be adapted to the company's requirements and budget.

With cars available for pickup centrally in Rønne, Oscar Car Rental ensures that your business can run smoothly, whether it involves short trips or long-term transport needs. Choose Oscar Car Rental for professional and hassle-free car rental on Bornholm.

Car Subscription on Bornholm

Oscar Car Rental on Bornholm offers an innovative and flexible car subscription service, ideal for those seeking a practical and worry-free car rental solution. Our car subscription allows you to enjoy all the benefits of having a car, without the long-term commitments and costs associated with car ownership.

With various vehicles in our car subscription, you can choose exactly the package that best suits your needs, and switch between car models or adjust the subscription's duration as necessary. This makes it easy to adapt to changing transport needs, whether for a season or over the long term.

All cars in the subscription service are modern, well-maintained, and fully equipped to ensure an optimal driving experience. Start your car subscription at Oscar Car Rental on Bornholm today and experience ultimate freedom and flexibility.

Tourist Attractions with a Rental Car on Bornholm

Here is a list of the best attractions on Bornholm that you can easily explore with a rental car:

Hammershus Ruins

Visit the impressive ruins of Northern Europe's largest medieval fortress, located on Bornholm's northwestern coast.

Dueodde Beach

Drive to the island's southern tip to experience some of Denmark's finest sandy beaches, known for their extremely fine sand and dune landscapes.

The Round Churches

Explore the unique round churches scattered across the island, including Østerlars, which is the largest and oldest.


Visit the charming town of Svaneke, known for its well-preserved old houses and a picturesque harbor.

Bornholm Art Museum

Near the Sanctuary Cliffs, you will find this museum, which offers art and cultural history from Bornholm.


One of Denmark's largest forests, where you can experience Echo Valley, and perhaps even see some of the bison grazing in the area.

Joboland Brændesgårdshaven

Perfect for families, this park offers fun activities and a small zoo.


This picturesque coastal town is ideal for a walk along the water with a stop at the local smokehouse to try Bornholm's famous smoked herring.


Take a short boat trip from Gudhjem to this small archipelago, which is the easternmost part of Denmark and a protected nature park.

Jon's Chapel

Visit this scenic area on Bornholm's west coast, where you can experience dramatic rock formations and a magnificent view over the Baltic Sea.

With a rental car, it is easy to get around to all these fantastic places and enjoy all that Bornholm has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rental on Bornholm

We have compiled some questions that we often receive from our customers:

What does it cost to rent a car on Bornholm?

You can rent a car from just 249 DKK per day at Oscar Car Rental on Bornholm. The price includes 100 kilometers per day and both liability and collision insurance.

Why should I choose Oscar Car Rental?

At Oscar Car Rental, you will find cheap rental cars on Bornholm at the sharpest prices. We have a wide selection of cars, easy and simple online booking, and no hidden fees. Our customers have no doubt why we score 4,4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

Do I have to pay extra if I am under 25 years old when renting a car on Bornholm?

No, we do not charge a fee for young drivers. You can rent a car at the same price, even if you are under 25 years old. In some cases, we may require a larger deposit, but you will get this back at the end of the rental. We also have an age limit on certain cars.

Is there a cancellation fee for car rental on Bornholm?

If cancellation occurs within 48 hours before the pickup time, Oscar has the right to charge the full amount. If the cancellation occurs before 48 hours prior to pickup, you will only need to pay 25% of the rental price. For cancellations or questions about it, contact us at tel. +45 42909048.

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