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Oscar offers car rental in Copenhagen

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In the capital area, we have more than 20 departments, which means we can customize a car hire as needed. The high number of departments make the assortment bigger in terms of different type of cars. If you travel to Copenhagen airport, you will be close to several of our departments, where you can start your car rental period.

Who is Oscar?

Oscar is a car rental company, which was founded back in September 2019. In about half a year we managed to become the most widespread car hire chain in Denmark with more than 100 departments throughout the country. When we established Oscar, our vision was to disrupt the car hire industry, but at the same time staying local, simple, and cheap.

We saw a gap in the market because the already existing providers were characterized by lack of innovation and the fact that other companies were global and just expanded to Denmark, we could differentiate us by co-operating with local auto dealers throughout Denmark.

Moreover, we at Oscar highly prioritize our customer service. In our opinion, one of the key factors for success is service. As a matter of fact, our opening hours are 8 am-6 pm on weekdays and 8 am-1 pm on the weekends and public holidays.

If you want to see how our customers rate Oscar, please click on this link to see some of our customer's reviews of their experience with Oscar.

Benefits if you hire at Oscar

There are a number of reasons why you should choose to hire a car at Oscar. We have made some initiatives to make car rental easy, cheap, and flexible. Listed below are some of the benefits:

  • We offer prices starting from 249DKK per day. - if you book for a minimum of 28 consecutive days, the prices start from just 99DKK per day.
  • We have several departments in the area of Copenhagen. Some are near Copenhagen airport.
  • 100 kilometers included in the price per rental day.
  • A wide selection of different car types.
  • No hidden fees either on the website, through customer service, or booking in the physical department.
  • It is possible to extend the rental period while the lease is in progress if the car is available.
  • We do all the administrative tasks, while you are on the road, which means you get the keys in no time.

How to rent a car at Oscar

Step 1

Please select your requirements regarding car type, pickup location, and rental period. Afterward, a list will be shown of what is available that match your needs.

Step 2

Once you find your match, you will have the opportunity to add extra miles and accessories if needed.

Step 3

Finally, please enter your personal information, and then you can pay. Afterward, you will receive a booking confirmation at your email address and SMS, and then you will be ready to pick up your car. If you want to change something in your booking like miles, dates, or accessories you can return to the previous page.

The car - the most effective means of transport

When using the car instead of, for example, public transport, you can save a lot of time and plan your time according to what you want, and not according to available public transport. We want you to have as much freedom as possible, and you can choose the pace you want. Moreover, the car makes it easy to drive outside Copenhagen, for example, to Copenhagen airport.

At Oscar, it is possible to choose the car you want for your car hire. Furthermore, feel free to explore the rest of Zealand. Our wish is to make it as easy for you as possible to have a rental car by Oscar.

Copenhagen airport car hire

If you are traveling to Denmark via Copenhagen airport, you have the opportunity to use one of our departments nearby Copenhagen airport. In that area, we have a wide selection of different dar types which include microcars and station cars.

It is easy to get to our departments for example by public transport, which often does not last longer than 15 minutes. Our department's location is usually close to public transport stations which makes it easy if you travel to Copenhagen airport.

Microcars and Moving trucks

We have different car types. If you are on a road trip with your friends, we recommend our minibusses, which fit up to 9 people. Moreover, we have normal cars for up to 5 people. Furthermore, we have a solution, if you have a relocation. Our moving trucks are up to 20m3, which means you can have a lot of stuff in the truck. It is allowed to drive with a normal driver's license with our trucks.

Copenhagen car hire - always a department near you

We have several departments in the area of Copenhagen and thus you will never be far away from your nearest department. We strive to make it easy to hire our cars. Therefore, we will do everything to make the administrative process in the department quick and easy, and let you experience Copenhagen.

You do not have to deliver the car the next day

You can spend many days in Copenhagen. Therefore, it is possible to hire a car no matter how long the time you want to rent it. Whether the rental period is a day or two weeks does not matter. What matters to us is that you have a good experience in Copenhagen.

If you want to hire a car for more than 28 constructive days, it is possible for you to hire a car long-term. It reduces the daily price when renting a car for a longer period.

It is also possible for you to experience Sweden. The only thing you should do when making a booking is to acquire international driving insurance. Actually, the Copenhagen airport is located between Copenhagen and Sweden, which makes it easy for you to visit Sweden, and afterward, deliver the car back in, for example, Kastrup before traveling back home via Copenhagen airport.

Purpose of car hire in Copenhagen

Our purpose with car hire in Copenhagen is to help you as much as we can. We are able to help you whether it is in connection with relocation, picking up friends at Copenhagen airport, or sightseeing.

The purpose of our car hire:

  • To minimize the transport time on your holiday.
  • Everyone should have the opportunity to rent cheap and good cars.
  • To give you safety regarding nice customer conditions. You do not have to be worried about renting a car by Oscar.
  • We take care of you and assure you that there is always an Oscar department close to you.

More than just an ordinary care hire company

As written above, we at Oscar co-operate with local car dealers in Denmark. This means we understand what is needed for car hire in Denmark. Moreover, we adapt our business model to what our customers demand. In other words, we listen to our customers when they give us feedback regarding our car hire in general, customer service, website, etc.

Useful advice and information when hiring a car at Oscar

Please enter the right personal information such as phone number and email address when you hire a car.

Please be there on time to make the booking process as smooth as possible, and bring your driver's license, passport, and credit card.

When you hire a car at Oscar, you have to choose the same location for pickup and delivery address because we are franchise-based, which means our departments are independent. In other words, it means that if you rent a car in one of our departments, you will have to return it in the same departments.

Do you still have questions regarding car hire at Oscar?

Whether your question regards car hire in Copenhagen, Denmark in general, or the opportunity for hiring a car in a location nearby Copenhagen airport, feel free to contact our customer service at +45 42909048 our at email address [email protected]

We strive to answer you in a maximum of 48 hours. Our customer service is open from 8 am-8 pm on weekdays and from 8 am-1 pm on the weekend and public holidays.

Make a review of Oscar

Please help us get better and rate your experience at Oscar by clicking on the link above. We will be grateful for your review and looking forward to seeing your rating. As an example, the review could regard Oscar car hire in general, car hire at a location nearby Copenhagen airport, or what you think about our customer service. Moreover, we hope you return to Oscar the next time you visit Denmark or Copenhagen in specific. We gladly help you find the right match and look forward to seeing you again.